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The UK 1.3 GHz or 23cms allocation runs from 1240 to 1325 MHz with the centre of the narrow band operating segment at 1296.100 MHz. The 1300-1325 MHz section is unique to the UK and used by a number of ATV repeater outputs.

Band Plan

See the RSGB 1.3GHz band plan for full details.


There are a number of narrow band beacons in the 1.3 GHz band - see this page for an up to date list. There are also a number of licensed voice repeaters in the band which provide useful off air narrowband ID signals


The UK has a series of FM Voice repeaters and as well as some 23cm D-Star DV/DD systems. ETCC


The 23cm band accommodates significant ATV activity. FM-ATV is still popular but increasingly DATV is in use (based on DVB-S QPSK). See the BATC website and Wiki for further info.

1.3 GHz Equipment

23cms is a great band to get an introduction to microwaves and several equipment manufacturers make transverters for 1.3GHz:

Have a look at:-

There are a number of "build yourself" articles on the Web such as
From the ARRL archive try, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/microwave/23cmxv.pdf
The excellent W1GHZ website has some simple to build designs. http://www.w1ghz.org/MBT/multiband.htm

1.3 GHz Rx LNAs

1.3 GHz Power Amplifiers

1.3 GHz Antennas

G3JVL Wideband Quad-Loop Yagi