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The UK 134 GHz Primary amateur and amateur-satellite allocation runs from 134.0 to 136.0 GHz with the centre of the narrow band operating segment at 134.928 GHz.

Band Plan

See the RSGB band plan for full details.


There used to be a licensed GB3xxx narrow band beacon in the band - new proposals are welcome. Several individuals will run personal beacons as required

134 GHz Equipment

A number of amateurs have equipment. See the 134GHz UKuG page. Distances of >30km can be achieved with low powers.

134 GHz Power amplifiers

134 GHz Antennas

Many small horns and dishes are readily usable. The very high gains create beamwidths of less than a degree which necessitates careful alignment and pointing. Thus it is not unusual to see some equipment having co-mounted rifle-sights to assist setting up for QSOs.

Simple conical horn antennas can be made from cake-icing nozzles and the PME range of stainless steel ones (readily available from eBay or local kitchenware shops) will give a gain of about 23dB at 134GHz. All the nozzles in the range have an aperture of 16mm and only differ in the diameter of the throat (corresponding to the diameter of the icing thread produced). The PME 1.5 nozzle is a good choice for 134GHz.