5.7 GHz

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The UK 5GHz or 6cms allocation is restricted to a number of discrete bands (compared to the international 5650-5850 secondary allocation). It accommodates, narrowband, data, satellite and DATV

Frequencies and Band Plan

Amateur Service:-

  • 5650 - 5680 - inc ATV usage
  • 5755 - 5765 - inc the Narrowband centre at 5760 MHz
  • 5830 - 5850

Amateur Satellite Service:-

  • 5650 - 5670 - Uplinks only
  • 5830 - 5850 - Downlinks only

See the RSGB band plan for full details, and the 5/10GHz guide.


There are a number of narrow band beacons in the 5.7 GHz band - see this page for an up to date list.

5.7 GHz Equipment

6cms is a great band to get an introduction to microwaves as it supports both narrowband and low cost COTS wideband equipment

5.7 GHz Power amplifiers

5.7 GHz Antennas

In general dish antennas are used for this band.