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Welcome to the UK Microwave Group Wiki

The place to find information on equipment and projects for Amateur Microwave operation on bands above 1 GHz.

This wiki is designed to be a reference library, developed by the UK Microwave Group for use by the worldwide microwave community. Any information which you feel is of use to others can be put on the Wiki, but please observe any copyright restrictions on your material you use. However, before you can add or edit content you will need to register for an account.


New to Microwave operation?

The UK Microwave Group Information and services

Scatterpoint Magazine

Microwave Roundtables

  • Presentations Presentations from Roundtables.
  • Recordings from Roundtables can be found on the UK Microwave Group Youtube channel.

Microwave SDR projects

Getting on the Microwave Bands

The Low Bands:

The middle bands:

The High bands

The Millimetre Bands



Microwave EME

Measurement techniques

Construction projects

G4BAO's Bodger's Guides

Useful Circuits and notes

Miscellaneous Equipment manuals and schematics

  • Mutek Circuits and documentation for the Mutek range of equipment
  • Microwave modules Circuits and documentation for the Microwave modules range of equipment
  • Cellflex Data sheets for Cellflex cables
  • Spec and technical drawings of standard, anti-cocking and precision Flann flanges
  • Kuhne Electronic Microwave Components

Test equipment manuals

For HP and Agilent equipment see the UKMicrowaves Group files at [1] and which has replaced the old Yahoo group

UKuG thanks BATC for hosting this facility