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Information on an Andrew 13cm PA


Andrew PA info.jpg


Recycling Andrew 900MHz PA modules for 23cm File:andrews modules for 23cms.doc

MMRT 2015 DF9IC PAs File:mmrt_2015_1296MHz_PAs.pdf

G4DZU's mods to the IPAM for 13cm File:IPAM PA to 13CM mk5.doc

Implementing SM0FHZ's hack to an Ericsson 900MHz PA for around 200Watts on 23cm by G4BAO


File:Skiss 400 W.pdf


PA7JB PAmods.jpg

PA7JB PA.jpg

Goran on SSPAs - Words from the Master at EME 2010 File:Goran _on_PAs.pdf

Henning DF9IC's presentation on his 2 x MRFE6S9160 250W SSPA for 23cm (Weinheim 2015 in German) Weinheim_2015_1296MHz_PAs.pdf and slides in English MMRT_2015_1296MHz_PAs.pdf