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The UK 76 GHz allocation runs from 75.5-81 GHz and has a mix of Primary and Secondary segments. UK narrowband activity is centred at 75.976 - just below the automotive radars that use 76-77 GHz. Activity is largely portable narrowband stations though some Amateur TV is also used

Band Plan

See the RSGB band plan for full details.

The UK segment at 75.875-76.0 GHz is a UK Primary and coincides with a Fixed Links guard band. It is part of the CEPT ECA35 footnote allocation for 75.5-76 GHz. Operation at ~75.9 is preferred compared to 76032 that is often used in Europe or 77.5 in the USA

In the UK, 75976.2 MHz is often used as the narrowband calling channel.


There used to be a GB3xxx licensed narrow band beacon in the band - new proposals are welcome. Several individuals will run personal beacons as required

76 GHz Equipment

It is common to use high performance lower frequency synthesisers (eg at ~11-13GHz) and multiply/mix up/down.

76 GHz Power amplifiers

76 GHz Antennas

Modest size Parabolic dishes or Horns give plenty of gain and directivity at these frequencies. Consequently the narrow beam angles make precise antenna pointing/alignment a key consideration.