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The UK 10 GHz or 3cms allocation nominally runs from 10-10.5 GHz but with a number of gaps/restrictions. It is the only UK amateur microwave band available to all three Licence Levels including Foundation. The centre of the narrow band operating segment is at 10368 MHz.

Band Plan

Frequency ranges available are:-

  • Amateur Service: 10.000-10.125 and 10.225-10.475 GHz
  • Amateur Satellite: 10.450-10.500 GHz

See the RSGB band plan for further info

Beacons & Repeaters

There are a number of narrow band beacons in the 10 GHz band - see www.beacons.org.uk for an up to date list. There are also a number of licensed TV repeaters in the band which provide useful signals - see the ETCC web site for more details.


Geostationary system QO-100 provides wide coverage across Region-1 with downlinks in 10.4GHz from uplinks in 2.4GHz

10 GHz Equipment

3cms is popular and a great band to get an introduction to microwaves and several equipment manufacturers make transverters for 10GHz. Opportunities also arise from widespread availability of low power radar modules which can be used for NBFM contacts.

This portable set up is GPS disciplined for frequency accuracy and only develops about 850mW at the antenna feed. The antenna is an 80cm offset Sky dish and the transverter is driven by a 144MHz FT290.

10GHz portable.jpg

10 GHz Power Amplifiers

10 GHz Antennas