241 GHz

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The UK 241 GHz allocation is a combination of Primary and Secondary spectrum over 241-250GHz

Band Plan

Amateur & Amateur Satellite Allocations:

  • 241,000-248,000 MHz Secondary User
  • 248,000-250,000 MHz Primary User

See the RSGB band plan for full details.


There are currently no permanent UK narrow band beacons in the band.

241 GHz Equipment

A number of amateurs have equipment. See the 241 GHz UKuG page. Distances of >7km can be achieved with low powers. The band also has the highest IARU contest multiplier

241 GHz Power amplifiers

241 GHz Antennas

High antenna gains are available from small dish sizes - which facilitate portable operation. However accurate alignment is needed to accommodate the small beam angles, so sighting scopes are often used.