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The UK 47GHz or allocation runs from 47,000.000-47,200.000 MHz with the centre of the narrow band operating segment at 47,088.2 MHz.


Band Plan

See the [1] for full details.


There are a number of narrow band beacons licensed in the 47 GHz band - see this page for an up to date list. At the moment only GB3CCX is operational

47 GHz Equipment

At the moment the only commercial option is the range of DB6NT equipment, but this is mind-numbingly expensive for the average amateur. It is possible to make short range QSOs on the band using simple mixer transverters and multipliers but range will be limited. An example of such equipment can be found at http://www.rfdesign.co.uk/microwave/Content/Simple%2047GHz%20Transverter2.pdf

47 GHz Power amplifiers

These are really specialised and expensive at the moment. There are few surplus options that can be modified without expensive test equipment

47 GHz Antennas

Small high accuracy dishes are used on this band and can be constructed from items such as lamp reflectors.

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