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The UK 2.3GHz or 13cms allocation is divided in to three sections:

  • 2300 > 2302 MHz (via NoV)
  • 2310 > 2350 MHz with the centre of the narrow band operating segment at 2320.100 MHz.
  • 2390 > 2450 MHz including the amateur satellite service at 2400 > 2450 MHz

Note: The section 2350-2390 MHz was removed in 2015 for auction for 4G/LTE-TDD

Band Plan

See the RSGB 2.3 GHz band plan for full details.


There are a number of narrow band beacons in the 2.3 GHz band - see this page for an up to date list/map and BeaconSpot for current reports.


Systems in the band include HamTV downlink from the ISS and Geostationary system QO-100. The latter provides wide coverage across Region-1 with downlinks in 10.4GHz from uplinks in 2.4GHz

2.3 GHz Equipment

2.3 GHz Transverters

13cms is a great band to get an introduction to microwaves and the availability of the Oscar 100 geostationary satellite has spawned a number of transmit upconverters for the 2400 MHz part of the band. Several equipment manufacturers make transverters for 2.3GHz:

In Europe there are 3 at least alternative sources of Transverters and kits.

A very nice low cost, all band coverage transverter can be bought from SG Lab in Bulgaria
Read G4BAO's review in RadCom, January-2017-vol-93-no-1

Kuhne (DB6NT) make complete units https://shop.kuhne-electronic.de/kuhne/en/shop/converter-transverte/transverter/
Read G4DDK's review in September 2016 RadCom

Some of their kits are sold via Eisch-Kafka
who also hold a wide range of GHz components

If your Spanish is up to it, here is another source http://www.ea1uro.com/transverters/transverters.html

A reliable source of PCB kits and designs is Paul Wade W1GHZ

Minikits of Australia sell a nice transverter kit
http://www.minikits.com.au/electronic-kits/transverters/eme227-13cm www.minikits.com.au/eme227-13cm

Down East Microwave (DEMI)in the USA make kits and complete transverters.


2.3 GHz Power Amplifiers


2.3 GHz Preamplifiers


SDR options


2.3 GHz Antennas

High gain Yagi antennas or small dishes are usually used for this band

Commercial antennas can be bought from

Excellent single and multi band dishes and feeds can be obtained from RF Ham design

A note of warning
Be very wary of some WiFi antennas found on eBay and the like. While they may look good and are cheap, many are not well designed, even for their intended use in the 2400MHz band. For short range usage, they may just suffice, but for serious DX work a decent dish or Yagi should be used. "Caveat Emptor"

Some system configuration ideas