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There is a wide variety of awards and trophies for amateur microwaves, giving plenty of opportunities for recognition.

In the UK, both RSGB and UKuG have complementary offerings covering operating and technical achievements

Below is a summary of UK offerings:-


  • UKuG: G3JVL - annual trophy for newcomers

Technical & Innovation

  • RSGB: Fraser Shepherd - for research into microwave applications to radio communication
  • UKuG: G3BNL - for innovation or technical development of microwave equipment or techniques
  • UKuG: G3EEZ - for contributions to microwave communications
  • UKuG: G3VVB - for the best home-constructed microwave equipment


  • RSGB: Distance certificates
  • UKuG: Microwave Squares certificates
  • RSGB & UKuG: trophies for various microwave band contests
  • UKuG & SOTA: Microwave SOTA

UKuG also maintain records for distances and firsts

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