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During the 1990s Charlie Suckling G3WDG published a number of designs for microwave projects, and some of these were sold as kits through the Microwave Committee Component Service. Charlie has kindly given his permission for the designs to be published here.

If you have information for one of the designs that is not included, please scan it to pdf and upload it here.

G3WDG001 2.5 GHz to 10 GHz Multiplier and Amplifier Media:G3WDG001 Multiplier.pdf

G3WDG002 10 GHz Receive Converter Media:G3WDG002_RX_Converter.pdf

G3WDG003 10 GHz Transmit Converter Media:G3WDG003 10 GHz TRX.pdf

G3WDG004 10 GHz HEMT Low Noise Amplifier Media:G3WDG004 10 GHz Preamp.pdf

G3WDG005 10 GHz 2-Stage Amplifier Media:G3WDG005 Birkett PA.pdf

G3WDG006 10 GHz MGF1801 Power Amplifier Media:G3WDG006 MGF1801 PA.pdf

G3WDG010 13cm Transverter

G3WDG017 1.2 GHz PA Media:G3WDG017 1.2 GHz PA.pdf

G3WDG025 13cm Preamp Original Instructions Extra Info

G3WDG026 23cm Preamp Media:G3WDG025 026 Preamp.pdf

A series of construction notes and updates were also published:

Initial Construction Note Media:G3WDG Module Notes 1.pdf

Note 2 Media:G3WDG Module Notes 2.pdf

Note 3 Media:G3WDG Module Notes 3.pdf

Note 4 Media:G3WDG Module Notes 4.pdf