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Midlands Round Table 3 December 2022

Raspberry Pi Enabled Microwave Test Equipment by Dave G8GKQ - Slides

Adventures on 122GHz by Noel G8GTZ - Slides

Crawley MRT 22-Sep-2019

A 24 GHz beacon source using IQ upconversion by Andy G4JNT - Slides

Using the LimeSDR on the Microwave Bands by Dave G8GKQ - Slides, the RFZero Website

RAL MRT 17-Jun-2018

Microwave Digital ATV Made Easy by Dave G8GKQ - Slides

MMRT 15-Apr-2018

ATV on 5.6, 10 and 24 GHz Presented at MMRT 2018 by Dave G8GKQ - Slides

MMRT 15-Apr-2017

Antenna modelling at 122,134 and 241 GHz using openEMS by Barry G8AGN - Slides

RSGB Convention 2016

Move up to 1.3 GHz by John G4BAO - Slides

RSGB Convention 2014

Modern Frequency Synthesisers by Andy G4JNT - Slides

Previous Events

GHz Bands Contesting by G4BAO - Slides

Bodger's Guide to Microwaves by G4BAO Slides

Bodger's Guide to QO-100 / Es'hail-2 by G4BAO - Slides

Guide to 24GHz Beacons - Slides

Patio Moonbounce - Slides

Patio Moonbounce, part 2 - MMRT 2013 - Slides

Ulltralight EME the Camb-Hams way - Finningley 2014 - Slides

Using your 2300 NoV - GMRT2016 - Slides

Bodger's guide to solid state QRO - Orebro 2011 - Slides