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RAL MRT 17 June 2018

Microwave Digital ATV Made Easy by Dave, G8GKQ Slides

MMRT 15 April 2018

ATV on 5.6, 10 and 24 GHz Presented at MMRT 2018 by Dave, G8GKQ Slides

Previous Events

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Bodger's Guide to Microwaves by G4BAO File:Bodgers_uW.pdf

Bodger's Guide to Es'hailSat by G4BAO File:QO-100.pdf

Guide to 24GHz Beacons File:Guide to 24GHz beacons.pdf

Patio Moonbounce File:Patio Moonbounce.pdf

Patio Moonbounce part 2 - MMRT 21013 File:MMRT2013.pdf

Ulltralight EME the Camb-Hams way - Finingley 2014 File:Finningley2014.pdf

Using your 2300NoV - GMRT2016 File:2300NoV.pdf

Bodger's guide to solid state QRO - Orebro 2011 File:Orebro 2011.pdf