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Move up to 23cms - RSGB 2016 File:RSGB_2016.pdf

GHz Bands Contesting by G4BAO File:RSGB_2013G4BAO.pdf

Bodger's Guide to Microwaves by G4BAO File:Bodgers_uW.pdf

Guide to 24GHz Beacons File:Guide to 24GHz beacons.pdf

Patio Moonbounce File:Patio Moonbounce.pdf

Patio Moonbounce part 2 - MMRT 21013 File:MMRT2013.pdf

Ulltralight EME the Camb-Hams way - Finingley 2014 File:Finningley2014.pdf

Using your 2300NoV - GMRT2016 File:2300NoV.pdf

Bodger's guide to solid state QRO - Orebro 2011 File:Orebro 2011.pdf